A 2020 update: Rock it ’til Sundown date!

Okay folks, now that the U.K motocross season is pretty much done and dusted we felt it was good time to announce the date for our ‘Rock it til Sundown’ Summer MX classic for 2020. Get your diary out and scribble or type in the date of Wednesday 5th August. We’ll announce the venue as soon as we have full confirmation.

For 2020 the event will have a revised format for the evening racing and some fun new elements that will make it more interesting and like the venue, we’ll be announcing that soon. What we are happy to announce now however, along with the date, that we’ll also be holding a ‘boot camp’ training day with a couple of pro riders the following day on Thursday 6th August at the same venue. We like to tease a little bit and get people playing the guessing game, so again we’ll be announcing that sometime before Christmas. Along with pro riding training techniques we’ll also be offering up fitness advice from a physical trainer along with mental preparation as well media training and some other cool stuff, but more on all that another time. We’ll be opening up entries and giving you all more details over the next couple of months. We just wanted to make sure we get the dates out there asap!

We’re also pleased to announce ‘Rock it til Sundown’ won’t be our only event for 2020 and we have some exciting, new events coming your way. So, keep ‘em peeled on our social media you dirt bike freaks because we’ve got a busy 2020 planned and we would love you guys to come along and be part of the fun…..because at the end of the day, that’s what it should be! Life…taste it, don’t waste it! Keep on rockin’ (and shredding dirt bikes) in the free world!! At least as long as you can before some crooked government tells you that you can’t!

A 2020 update: Rock it ’til Sundown date!

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