5th August 2020

Hurry on Sundown

There’s a certain romance about watching the sun going down, signalling the end of a beautiful, long summer’s day. That moment can more often than not be enhanced by being surrounded by good friends and sinking a few cold ones, particularly both in equal measures! Even more so after a day where you’ve felt you’ve given a good account of yourself and had fun doing it. The old saying ‘making hay while the sun shines’ doesn’t have to relate just to work you know. Don’t waste your time between those hours of labour and graft, make memories and follow your heart.

Rock it man!

That’s the whole ethos of why we started ‘Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club’ and our summer evening ‘Rock it ’til Sundown’ events. To have fun and to make memories with our kind of people, people like you and what better way to do that than all getting together to ride motorcycles and watch some hard fought, kick ass racing? Then when it’s done, we can bench race, eat, drink, laugh and rock ‘n roll to fulfil the soul.

Our third  ‘Rocket ’til Sundown’ Midweek Motocross Classic is on Wednesday 5th August 2020.

We will keep you updated on the event info as it happens…

So, are you in? We hope you come and join us for what will hopefully feel like the endless summer.

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