FINAL INSTRUCTIONS – 2019 Yworry “Rock it ’til Sundown”


Here you go guys… Some final instructions and things to take note of.

– You are allowed to Camp on Tuesday and Wednesday evening but you cannot come on site on Tuesday until after 3pm. The gate will then be shut at 11pm on Tuesday evening.

– When driving in please stay on the track and do not drive on the grass.

-Signing on will take place on Tuesday evening then again on Wednesday between 7.00am and 8.45am.

– Practice will start at 9am with the Adult groups going out first.

– Dogs are allowed but must be on a lead at all times and please pick up after them

– There is to be no riding in the pits. That also applies to Electric Bikes and Scooters

– Please pick up your litter and take it home with you, as cattle come into these fields.

– Please stay in the pits and public areas and do not go into the woods or surrounding fields.

– Transponders are available to Hire for £10

– No Fires or BBQ

-The traffic can build up at the roundabout in Dorchester so please leave plenty of time for your journey, especially if you are coming from the West. The Track postcode is DT2 8QW.

– Parking is in the field by the Start Gate. Please park responsibly and with others in mind as we need to be able to get everyone parked safely and with enough space around them.

– The first field is the Trade and Pro area. If you ignore the signage and tape here and park in this reserved area you will be asked to move.

-Please do not empty your Camper toilets into the Public Portaloo’s.

– Make sure you have a great time!

Loads more format and race info can be found on

FINAL INSTRUCTIONS – 2019 Yworry “Rock it ’til Sundown”

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