2020 “Rock it ’til Sundown – The Prize Stash and Cash

Here is a list of incredible prizes that are up for grabs, thanks to our awesome ‘Rock it til Sundown Summer MX Classic’ event partners who have all stepped up to the plate to give back to the riders. We’d like to thank them sincerely for their amazing support, especially in these difficult and uncertain times. Seriously, you guys ‘rock’!

Stolen Bike Co.
The winners of the Auto, 65cc, Small Wheeled 85cc and Big Wheeled 85cc class will all be riding away happy on a brand new Stolen BMX. They’re not nicked, but they are hot!

The top three in the Auto class will all win a set of 2021 race kit courtesy of CI Sport Ltd. Rock ‘Astars!’

Troy Lee Designs
The 65cc class riders that make the podium will all receive a brand new Troy Lee Designs helmet with the position they finished printed on it, again thanks to CI Sport.

Fly Racewear
1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Small Wheel 85cc class will all receive a full set of 2021 Fly Racewear from the guys at Race FX. They certainly will look ‘fly’!

Prize on the eyes for the BW85 podium finishers will all receive brand new Oakley O Frames to take away with them along with some other Oakley merch! Big up Race FX for that.

The winners of both the Rookie 250 and 125 classes will win a full set of FXR race kit. Second and third respectively will go home with FXR casual clothing bundles.

Talon Wheels
There will be a brand new set of the best wheels in the business spinning off to the winner of the Rookie 250 class. That’s wheelie good ain’t it? Better than the pun anyway…

Pro Circuit
Thanks to Madison.co.uk the Rookie 125 hotshot who tops the class will be blowing their own Pro Circuit pipe, because that’s exactly what they’re going to win for being the best 2 stroke smoker! Kids shouldn’t smoke of course, but in this case they’re all smokin’…..fast!

Matrix Concepts
Those old dogs in the Vets MX1 class who put it on the box will have to make more room in the van on the way home. The winner will receive a bike mat, stand, fuel jug and toolbox. Second place a mat, stand and fuel jug and third place a stand and fuel jug, courtesy of Madison.co.uk

MX2 Veterans will be battling for the podium to win ODI vouchers and claim their award….ODI products like handlebars and lock on grips, again courtesy of the good folk at Madsion.co.uk

The first rider over the holeshot line in the first block of Youth racing will win a set of Dunlop tyres thanks to Madison.co.uk.

Youth riders grabbing the wire and getting the holeshot in the second block of racing will win an Ogio backpack from Madison.co.uk

Rekluse Clutches
Whoever pulls the ‘holey’ in the first block of Adult races will collect a discount voucher thanks to the crew at CI Sport.

Moto Master
Likewise for the second block of Adult races, whoever is first around that first corner and past the ‘holeshot’ markers will win a discount voucher for Moto Master brake discs, again thanks to CI Sport for that.

POD Hard charger award
The kid with the most ‘never say die’ attitude that impresses the guys at POD knee braces will win a pair of POD Active K4 youth braces presented by Madison.co.uk

Renthal ‘Ripper’ award
We’ll be looking for any adult rider who has dug deep or excelled on their performance and rewarding them with a set of Renthal handlebars, grips and chainwheels courtesy of CI Sport.

Bad Ass Badger’ award
British MX Legend Bryan ‘Badger’ Goss will again be attending our event and choosing a rider that catches his eye and rewarding them with a full set of either Shift, Fox or Thor race kit from his Bryan Goss Motorcycles emporium!

Kecks Underwear
The fastest lap times recorded in the MX1, MX2, Vets, Rookie 250 and Rookie 125 races will all win a Kecks Underwear discount voucher. Which is just as well because you may have to push it to win it and not only leave skid marks on the track!

KTM and Oset E-nduro
Neil Berry from KTM / Oset E-nduro will be on hand to pick one lucky winner from the adult racing and one from the youth racing and offer up a £180 discount voucher for them to come down to Dorset for a day ‘charging’ around on their fantastic range of E-bikes for some ‘high voltage’ fun. The youth winner will also receive a set of Leatt race kit.

Bel-Ray oils
They’ll be Bel-Ray Oil maintenance packs for the overall winners of the Vets MX1, Vets MX2 and Adult B classes, thanks to Rapid Moto Distribution.

Duck Smart
All youth riders who make the overall podium will receive a bottle of Duck Smart….for mum and dad to keep their bike clean! Unless you’re a good girl or boy and clean your own bike to show your appreciation. Be smart kids, be ‘Duck Smart’.

Generate Products ‘Hustler Award’
The guys at Generate Products are keeping their beady eyes out for the Hustlers in the pack, the racer who never gives up no matter what the race track and competitors throw at them. A Hustler from each youth class will receive a pouch of their awesome Electrolyte drink, a water bottle and sweat towel!

MX Revive
For those dog-gone Mudders MX-Revive are rewarding the top three in each youth class with a RNR Mud Scraper. They are pretty good for getting that awkward itch on your back too. Thanks Scotty for your support.

A huge thank you to Tobias and the crew from BRAVERY
for hooking us up with some of their fantastic products for prizes and items for our goodies bags.

The T-shirts will be given out to riders who encompass the Bravery spirit, and we have quite a few so lots of you will have a chance of getting their hands on one.

Prize money

Here is the breakdown of the prize money we have on offer for the Adult classes…

ASA United Husqvarna MX1 Overall – After two motos

1st – £150
2nd – £100
3rd – £75

MGS Training Events MX2 Overall – After two motos

1st – £150
2nd – £100
3rd – £75

Relax to Race Superfinal – Top 20 of MX1 and Top 20 of MX2

1st – £300
2nd – £200
3rd – £150
4th – £100
5th – £75
6th – £50

Top MX2 rider in the Superfinal – £50

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