2022 Farm Boy Bash and Revvi Cup – Final Instructions

It’s not long now folks so here are a few final instructions for this weekends Farm Boy Bash and Revvi Cup event at Wheeldon Off-Road Centre.

  • First up we want to say this is a fun event and the number one priority as a team is that all of the little riders who are just starting out in the sport enjoy their weekend. Every one of us has a duty to make sure we help assist and support these awesome little riders and their families as we welcome many of them to our sport for the first time.
  • Likewise little dude’s cut the big dudes some slack if they are a little slow on track as we all get old sometime, and the same applies to looking after your parents, they are just as nervous as you.
  • There is to be no riding outside of the Barn
  • Dogs are allowed but need to be kept on leads and cleaned up after.
  • Please take your litter home
  • Please drive responsibly in and out of the farm and remember there will be lots of little ones around
  • Please remember this our first Farm Boy Bash and Indoor event for Revvi’s. We have plenty of time in the schedule so we can move things around a little to make sure it works for everyone. Please feel free to ask us any questions or give us feedback
  • Please make sure you attend the riders briefings
  • Please make sure you have your number clearly displayed on your bike 
  • Please be kind and courteous to our staff, members of the public, other riders and their families. We are here to all have fun. 
  • Make sure your batteries and transponders are fully charged
  • Revvi Cup – What riders need to wear: Long trousers, race pants or jeans – Long sleeved tops – Closed shoes, preferably ankle boots but trainers as a minimum – Full face helmets preferably but Cycle helmets, properly fastened are acceptable – Riders also need to wear gloves.

Lastly and most importantly have a blast!

Julie, Jeff, Paul and the team at Steel Hawk MC, Nora Motorsport and the Wheeldon Off-Road Centre


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