Electric ride evening to replace postponed Dylan Woodcock Supercross Training School!

Our forthcoming Supercross Training School with Dylan Woodcock at SX Worx has been postponed and will now be replaced with an Electric Bike ride evening.

The Training school was set for Friday the 22nd April but an exciting opportunity has cropped up for Dylan meaning he is no longer available on that date. Instead, it has been postponed until the 31st May which will take place on the main Outdoor Supercross track at Cusses Gorse.

Any bookings for the SX Worx day will be transferred to the 31st May or to a future Supercross school planned at Cusses Gorse on the 26th July, or riders have an opportunity to have a full refund.

The Electric ride evening which will take place from 4.30pm to 9pm on Friday 22nd April will give opportunities for riders to practice ahead of the Revvi Cup event which takes place at the same SX Worx venue the following day or for riders who are not entered the chance to ride their balance bike at the venue in a non-race environment. Kids can also ride Oset and other electric machines while the practice is open to Adults who can ride Sur-Ron’s, Cakes…

The Link to enter for the evening is here: https://www.steelhawkmc.cc/product-category/electric-ride-day/

It’s £25 for Kids from 3-9 year of age and £30 for Adults.

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