Helter Skelter Hillclimb open to everyone… Mopeds, Minibikes, MX, Road Bikes, Enduro, Sidecar, Run what you brung & now including Moped & Minibike Flat Track!

We are super excited about our forthcoming Helter Skelter Hillclimb presented by BNH, which welcomes every type of Motorcycle and machine, with a new Minibike and Moped Flat Track, added into the mix in the evening.

The event takes place in Buckland Newton, Dorset, on Saturday 11th June, and with its fun and supportive atmosphere, it went down a storm last year.

To make the event more accessible to riders on their wacky combination of machines this year, an Inappropropriate Road Bike class has been added, with riders choosing which course to race. The first will be the “Whole Hog”, which takes in the entire course, the full hill and the descents that come with it. Or, if that is too challenging, there is the “Short Fry”, where riders only go halfway up the hill before taking in a shorter course and back out the other side of the valley.

Essentially the Hillclimb is a simple format with six riders racing to the top of the hill before banking around and racing a slalom course back down and jumping out of the other side of the valley. 

Riders who still want more action will be able to enter the evening fun Flat Track event for Minibike and Moped racers which should be some great entertainment all round. 

The complete list of classes is 450, 250, 125 and 85cc classes running alongside Farmbike, Sidecar, Minibike, Moped, Electric, Run what you Brung and Inappropriate Road Bike races.

The Run what you brung class is specifically for Dirt Bikes that are not catered for in the previously mentioned classes, so it can be Evo, Classic or other offroad focussed contraptions of any cc.

Entries are limited, so please make sure you snap your space up quickly if you want to be part of this unique event.

The Full event info and entry link can be found at https://www.steelhawkmc.cc/helter-skelter-hillclimb/


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