“Rock it ’til Sundown” Update; Camping, Guests and Spectators

Jeffro brings you up to speed on where we’re at with 10 days to go until the third running of the ‘Rock it til Sundown Summer MX Classic’ at Cusses Gorse MX on Wednesday 5th August. Further information will be released throughout the rest of the week with the final instructions and information on Monday 3rd August. Thanks for your support everyone, we appreciate it!


As per Jeff’s video, camping will be allowed at our event for riders and their families, and you will be able to come on-site from 6pm on Tuesday onwards, but strictly not before. Riders will be allowed to have 5 guests from their family and friends bubble to arrive on-site with them. So that’s 6 people in total. Each rider receives 2 guest passes, after that if the remaining guests are over 16 there will be a £5 charge. If any of the guests are under 16 they are free.

As much as it pains us to say it, unfortunately with the current situation as it is we will be unable to have spectators at our event. Our aim has always been to create a fantastic experience for riders, families and to attract new fans to the sport as well as provide unique and exciting events to our sport’s supporters but this year we have had to admit defeat when it comes to spectators.

Please do not turn up and try to come into the event, we will have security on the gate and they will turn you away.

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