For the fourth consecutive year, Stolen BMX are supporting Steel Hawk’s ‘Rock it til Sundown Summer MX Classic’ as title sponsor of the youth racing categories…..and that means a brand new Stolen Brand BMX bike for the overall winners of the Auto, 65cc, Small Wheeled 85cc, Big Wheeled 85cc and Rookie class. 

Steel Hawk MMC’s Jeff Perrett is happy on the deal, even though he’s too old to ride a BMX these days, “I’ve got to say, fair play to Revs at Stolen BMX for being so supportive of what we’re trying to achieve with our Steel Hawk MCC events. We appreciate supporting a MX event as a BMX company isn’t a priority and he doesn’t have to get behind our ‘Rock it til Sundown’ event like he does and has been doing since the get go. Obviously his market is bicycles, not motorcycles but of course most kids growing up in MX have a BMX, so it’s a cool prize to hand out to the winners at the end of the day and it puts a smile on their face and something back into the sport and the effort they and their parents put in. Like we’ve said so many times, that’s the driving force behind Steel Hawk MCC and why we do what we do. We want everyone who comes to our events to have a real good time and go home happy, so if we can continue to pull together some awesome prizes and bring in cool brands like Stolen BMX it definitely helps us achieve what we are trying to set out to do.” 

“I like the event and what it’s all about.” says Anthony ‘Revs’ Revell, Stolen BMX boss and founder. “I grew up watching my Uncle race MX and the likes of Noycey and Whatley who all rode locally to me, I always liked it and still do. My career was in BMX but I’ve not lost touch with MX so it’s cool to get involved, especially giving the kids something to shoot for, and the event is nice and local to me so I can go up there, have a few beers with my mates and watch some decent racing. It’s a perfect event for us to get involved with.” 

Entries are open and available on for Autos, Small Wheel 85cc, Big Wheel 85cc, Rookie 250, Adult Clubman MX1 & MX2, Adult Expert MX1 & MX2, however the Auto’s, 65cc and Rookie 125cc & 250’s classes are now full but you can add your name to the reserves list on the entry link. 

The ‘Rock it til Sundown Summer MX Classic takes place at Cusses Gorse MX, near Salisbury on Wednesday 4th July. Youth classes race throughout the day with the adult classes racing in the evening. More event and class sponsors will be announced in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for them….because you’re worth it! There’ll also be more good, positive news on our ‘Rock it til Sundown’, ‘Airborne Gunner Summer Supercross’ and ‘Helter Skelter Hillclimb’ coming your way. In the meantime, stay safe out there y’all. 

The Steel Hawk MCC team.