The Swag for grabs! Airborne Gunner & Rock it ’til Sundown Prize list!

Thanks to awesome people and awesome brands being, well, awesome and going beyond our expectations (yet again!) we’re pleased and proud to offer up this comprehensive list at prizes across our ‘Airborne Gunner’ and ‘Rock it til Sundown’ events for 2022.

Stolen BMX
The Auto, 65cc, Small Wheeled 85cc, Big Wheeled 85cc and overall Rookie class winners will all be going home with a brand new BMX’s. They’re hot, but they ain’t swiped, they’re ‘Stolen’!

The top three little rippers in the Auto class will be getting a brand new, full set of Alpinestars 2023 race kit for their efforts and all round radness

Troy Lee Designs
For a third consecutive year, the top three overall in the 65cc class will be awarded a brand new TLD helmet, complete with our event logos and finishing position on them.

Spy Goggles and Eyewear
We Spy with our little eyes three small wheeled 85cc riders who will be walking away with brand new googles, accessories and sunglasses courtesy of Spy and the good guys at CI Sport.

Bell / Seven / RFX and Oakley
These four brilliant brands have got together to offer up some awesome packages. For our Big Wheeled 85cc racers 1st place will receive a £500 2023 support package for Bell and Oakley, with second receiving £350 of product. For the Rookie 125cc the same value will on offer across RFX and Oakley products and for the Rookie 250cc class it will be for Seven and Oakley. Third place riders in all three classes will win a pair of Oakley Front Line goggles.

Ogio / Fist Gloves / FMF Goggles
The top three in all the youth classes racing our ‘Airborne Gunner’ Supercross will all grab an Ogio bag of swag with Fist Gloves and FMF goggles thrown in.

Madison, the new U.K importers for O’Neal, are getting straight to work with the brand by offering the top three in both the Clubman MX1 and MX2 classes a full set of 2023 O’Neal race kit.

Matrix Concepts
It’s not just quality prizes for the Clubman racing ‘Airborne Gunner’ we’ve also got the guys at Matrix Concepts offering up these amazing prizes for the top three of the Clubman at ‘Rock it til Sundown’ 1st place will win a stand, fuel jug, mat and toolbox. 2nd place a stand, jug and mat and 3rd place a stand and jug. There’s more ‘Matrix’ material there than even Keanu Reeves could handle!

Pro Circuit
Clubman are the backbone of our sport, so we want to reward them. The highest place 2 stroke clubman will be the well earned winner of a Pro Circuit exhaust system. Panic Rev not included.

We love to see riders charging hard and giving their all and we know the risk involved, that’s why we’ll be rewarding one rider at ‘Rock it til Sundown’ who catches our eye with the POD ‘Hard Charger’ award and set of POD knee braces.

Duck Smart
Any racers that make the podium top three across all classes at both ‘Airborne Gunner’ and ‘Rock it til Sundown’ will take home a bottle of Duck Smart Earth Remover. A quaking prize to repay your bike for getting there.

To go fast, sometimes you need to take risks. Hopefully not so much so that you soil your pants, but if you do, you maybe rewarded with a new pair of Kecks! The fastest lap in all classes at Rock it til Sundown will receive the ‘Kecks Fastest Lap’ award and discount voucher to spend on some new pants, or tees, beanies and caps.

DEP Pipes
The racer who makes the most passes in any one race in the youth classes of ‘Rock it til Sundown’ will win the DEP ‘On the pipe’ award and will receive a full DEP exhaust system.

Rekluse Clutches
Whoever pulls the Holeshot in the opening moto of either Clubman class at ‘Rock it til Sundown’ will win a Rekluse clutch voucher to spend with CI Sport.

Moto Master
We’ll be keeping our eyes out throughout ‘Rock it til Sundown’ for ‘Moto Pass Master’. One adult and one youth racer will be collecting a voucher from CI Sport to spend on Moto Master products. With those late braking surges you may well need to get new discs and pads!

‘Bad Ass Badger’ award
We miss our dear old friend Bryan ‘Badger’ Goss who sadly passed away through Covid last year. A proper MX Hero was Badger and he alway will be, they don’t make many like him anymore. But we at least want to see his spirit live on, so Bryan’ son Jeff will be on hand to chose a winner for the ‘Bad Ass Badger’ award from one of the youth classes who will receive a full set of kit from the MX emporium that is

Spot prizes
We’ll be handing some ODI grips, Fist Gloves and FMF Goggles to random racers because we can, courstesy of the crew at Madison. Racers who we feel warrant it, for whatever reason. Trying hard, laying down a fat whip or just being a good sportsperson. Impress us and you will be rewarded.

Rock it ’til Sundown Prize money

This is the prize money on offer at Rock it

1st £200
2nd £150
3rd £100
4th £50
5th £25

1st £200
2nd £150
3rd £100
4th £50
5th £25

Super Final
1st £500
2nd £300
3rd £200
4th £100
5th £75
6th £50
7th £35
8th £25

Top MX2 Rider – £50

Gabriel Insulation Holeshot award

The good guys over at Gabriel Insulation are putting up a £150 prize for the Expert rider who gets a Holeshot in each Expert moto!


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