2024 date TBC

4 Nations MX Shield

The ‘4 Nations’ MXON style event, where England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales will fight it out to decide who is the strongest ‘home nation’ will now run in October 2023 at ‘The Grange MX’, Shropshire. Team captains Brad Anderson (England), Billy Mackenzie (Scotland), Martin Barr (Northern Ireland) and Mark Jones (Wales) will now have a whole year to select and prepare their team.

The Adult teams will have five riders, while the Youth teams will comprise six riders in each of the Auto, Junior, Small Wheel 85, Big Wheel 85, and Rookie groups from each nation.

Each Adult team needs to have at least one rider over 35, one rider under 21 and one rider on a 2 Stroke.

The points format will also be based on the Motocross of Nations with 1 point for first, 2 points for second…

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2024 Date to be confirmed!