The every-mans Motocross of Nations

The “Hammer and Tongs” Team Trophy will be more like an old fashioned ‘scramble’ open to anyone that wants to enter a team, but unlike other team events where you race for your regional club, at our event you can make up your own team and call it what you want….as long as it’s not too rude or insulting, but the more humour the better!”

Riders will be made up of Four riders from the following classes with no more than two riders allowed in each team from the same class.

Classes are Auto, Junior 65, Small Wheel 85, Big Wheel 85, Rookie, Adult Under 35, Adult Over 35.

Like the Motocross of Nations, Friday evening will see us host a live ballot to determine gate pick for Saturday mornings Qualifying Moto.  The results from the qualifying moto will then determine the gate pick order for the following four moto’s run over the next two days.

Points scoring will also be the same as the Motocross of Nations with 1 point for 1st, 2 points for second…

The Schedule will be as follows:

Friday Night – Live Ballot for Qualifying Moto Gate Pick
Team Pictures

Saturday – Practice, Qualifying Moto & Two point scoring Motos

Sunday – Siting Lap, Two Point Scoring Moto’s and Presentation 

4 Nations MX – Practice and three motos 

Now incorporating the "4 Nations MX Cup"

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be doing battle for the inaugural “4 Nations MX” title.

Each team will have 3 riders in each of the Auto, Junior, Small Wheel 85, Big Wheel 85, and Rookie groups who will race in the same moto as the Hammer and Tongs riders.  Riders will wear race bibs so will be easy to spot within the Hammer and Tong motos.

On Sunday the Senior teams will have five riders and will have practice and three races.

Each team needs to have at least one rider over 35, one rider under 21 and one rider on a 2 Stroke.

The points format will also be based on the Motocross of Nations with 1 point for first, 2 points for second…

1st & 2nd October 2022 @ The Grange , Shrophsire!

Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club

To enter Team Managers need to email entries@steelhawkmc.cc with their riders and team name. Riders then need to enter via the below link