Premium MX brands committed to ‘Rock it!’ 

Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club are pleased to announce that Bell, Motul, RFX, Seven MX & Oakley have agreed to support the BW85cc, Rookie 125 and Rookie 250cc classes of their annual ‘Rock it til Sundown Summer MX Classic’ event.

These market-leading brands have got behind the event and will be supporting with some comprehensive prizes for the three youth classes for the midweek race that will run again at Cusses Gorse MX on Wednesday 10th August. The winner of BW85cc class will be walking away with a sponsorship package of £500 of Bell and Oakley products for 2023, while second place will receive £350 of support. Third place will pick up a pair of Oakley Front Line goggles. The Rookie 125cc class will be supported by the RFX hardware brand and Oakley with the winner receiving £500 of support, second place receiving £350 and third picking up a pair of Oakley Front Line goggles. That same value will be repeated for the Rookie 250cc class but with Seven MX and Oakley as the class sponsor.

“We’re incredibly thankful for the brands’ support of our event this year. They’ve stepped it up at a time when many would potentially cut back on support, so that’s really appreciated,” says Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club’s Paul Oughton. “To offer that level of support for a one-off event is fantastic and we hope the riders and parents appreciate that as much we do. To have iconic brands like Bell and Oakley and a young, cool brand like Seven supporting our event is a big deal to us. We’re serious about giving as much back to the kids and all of the riders who support us, and we couldn’t do that without support like this. Hopefully, we’ll build a solid relationship with the guys at Bell, Motul, RFX, Seven MX & Oakley and grow our event so it’s something everyone really looks forward to each year and pencils into their calendar.”

Toby Lightbown, Bell Brand Manager, explains why they’ve got behind the event: “Simply put, we like what the guys at Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club are doing. There are a lot of races happening in the UK, which is great and shows there’s a lot of people out there riding bikes and buying equipment, but having a midweek race, especially for the kids, is something a little bit different. We can tell the guys are passionate about their event and want to develop it for the right reasons, making it a fun and relaxed one-off event. With all the kids on their summer school holidays, it’s another opportunity for families to come together and spend quality time making memories and we are thrilled to be part of that and support the cause.”

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