Clayton & Bayliss triumph at the first-ever Farmboy Bash Minibike Supercross!

The Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club began their 2022 season with their first-ever Farm Boy Bash Indoor Supercross & Revvi Cup event down at Wheeldon Off-Road Centre in Devon at the weekend.

The track was prime, the barn was dressed, and the atmosphere was electric as the first races hit the dirt on Saturday.

Ben Clayton showed his mettle on day one of the competition by churning out 3 heat wins as did Luke Coker who looked a definite threat for honours. Aiden Breakspear, Dan Foreman and Sam Gilbody also took the chequers in the heats, and with three solid scores, Nora British Speedway Champion Jason Edwards grabbed the final spot in the final.

Coker was electric from the start in the A final and kept Clayton at bay for the opening lap but Clayton had some killer lines tucked up his sleeve and slipped through to take the day one victory and the Steel Hawk moonshine with it, followed by Coker with Breakspear in third.

The B Final was won by Kane Coker, with John Gill getting the job done in the C Final.

Saturday A Final Winner Ben Clayton

Issac Ash dominated the Youth Senior class on Saturday, with Isaac Pengelly riding well in second and Poppy Banning in third. On Sunday with Ash out of the equation, Pengelly took the top spot ahead of Banning.

Poppy Banning (44) and Isaac Ash (100)

In the Youth Juniors William Dennis looked at home on the CRF and racked up four solid wins with Bradley Hughes second overall, Timmy Pengelly third and Owen Hughes fourth. Sunday was not the day Dennis was hoping for having crashed in his first and third races but all credit to him he dusted himself off and never gave up. Bradley Hughes made the most of Dennis’s misfortune and with two moto victories he took the Sunday win with Pengelly second, Dennis third and Owen Hughes fourth.

William Dennis – Saturday’s Youth Junior winner

The competition heated right up on Sunday in the Adults with Youth Senior winner Ash joining the ranks and he was joined by Supercross specialists Matt Bayliss and George Clarke and the entertaining Jordan Booker.

There were take outs aplenty in the heats, but all in keeping with the fun vibe of the event. After the two heats, it was Bayliss and Saturday winner Clayton who surfaced with perfect scores followed by Clarke and Breakspear.

With Booker missing his opening heat, a second in his only moto scraped him into the B Final but with a glimmer of hope of gunning for A final glory as the winner of both the C and B finals were elevated to the next one but had to start off the back of the grid.

The first rider to be awarded in this way was another late arrival James Barnwell who won the C final.

In the B final, Saturday’s runner up Coker got the early lead and sped off into the distance leaving his rivals languishing including Booker. Booker though came through the pack and hunted down his prey making a forceful move on the last lap to steal the last A final spot from Coker.

Rubbing is racing…

The first staging of the final saw Bayliss power from the start with the pack in hot pursuit, but within a couple of laps he had eked out a nice gap from the chasing pack, who were banging bars through the field. On lap 4 though Breakspear got it wrong at the far side of the circuit and was winded so the red flag came out and the race was stopped. Everyone was keen for a restart so once again the riders lined up the big finale and like the first staging, Bayliss snatched the holeshot and the early lead and never looked back, going on to win Day two of the Farmbike Bash. Clayton got close but never close enough to mount a challenge and finished second while Booker came out on top of an epic scrap for third with Clarke and Ash.

Saturday podium

All in all, it was a superb weekend of tight but fair racing and one which we are sure Steel Hawk will look to replicate in the future.

The Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club would like to thank Andrew and his team at Wheeldon Off-Road Centre for providing a fantastic track and venue, Nora Motorsport for their support, timing and a lot more, our track staff and team who worked tirelessly throughout and of course our tremendous sponsors, Monsters of Dirt, Tru7, Duck Smart, Racefx and Fist Handwear.

The Revvi Cup report will follow tomorrow.

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A Final
1st Ben Clayton
2nd Luke Coker
3rd Aiden Breakspear
4th Sam Gilbody
5th Jason Edwards
6th Dan Foreman

B Final
1st Kane Coker
2nd Luke Townsend
3rd Elliot Reeves
4th Kelvin Hammer

C Final
1st John Gill
2nd Beanie Reece
3rd Daniel Edwards
4th Josh Denton

Youth Senior
1st Isaac Ash
2nd Isaac Pengelly
3rd Poppy Banning

Youth Junior
1st William Dennis
2nd Bradley Hughes
3rd Timmy Pengelly
4th Owen Hughes


A Final
1st Matt Bayliss
2nd Ben Clayton
3rd Jordan Booker
4th George Clarke
5th Isaac Ash
6th Jason Edwards

B Final
1st Jordan Booker
2nd Luke Coker
3rd James Barnwell
4th Kane Coker
5th Dan Foreman
6th Luke Townsend
DNF – Sam Gilbody

C Final
1st James Barnwell
2nd Beanie Reece
3rd Dan Edwards
4th Josh Gill
5th Josh Denton
DNF – Elliot Reeves

Youth Senior
1st Isaac Pengelly
2nd Poppy Banning
Youth Junior

1st Bradley Hughes
2nd Timmy Pengelly
3rd William Dennis
4th Owen Hughes


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